Before stepping foot in Nordstrom I’m sure you can guess the type of person you will encounter. The Nordstrom shopper is more likely to be a higher income female with a smartphone in one hand and a cappuccino in the other. However, we are bringing you 10 insights on a Nordstrom shopper that you might not be able to guess at first glance:

  1. They are 52% more likely than others to be motivated to buy a new car when the car has a great brand reputation.
  2. They are 75% more likely to have spent over $100 on entertainment in the past 30 days.
  3. The Nordstrom shopper is 2.5X more likely to think brand is more important than price when shopping for food.
  4. The Nordstrom fan is 17% more likely to say a company’s social consciousness and overall kindness is important when choosing where to shop and what to buy.
  5. They are 16% more likely than others to do the majority of the grocery shopping for their home.
  6. They are 54% more likely to make monthly purchases on the internet.
  7. Nordstrom shoppers are 153% more likely to get their fashion inspiration from magazines and 7X more likely to get it from fashion blogs/websites.
  8. They are 75% more likely to think they are more physically attractive than others their age and gender.
  9. They are 80% more likely to save more over the next 3 months than they did the last 3 months.
  10. Lastly, the Nordstrom shopper is 53% more likely than others to have money invested in mutual funds.