Supply chain issues prompted shoppers to get a jump start on purchasing gifts last year. We’re seeing the trend of early holiday preparations carry through to this year at nearly the same rate. With only four months left until the start of winter, how are Americans planning to go about their holiday shopping this season?

Here are three of the latest insights from CivicScience’s annual Consumer Holiday Tracker:

1. Twenty-four percent of holiday shoppers say they plan to spend more this holiday season than last. But, 26% of shoppers indicated that they’ll be spending less.

2. The majority of holiday shoppers are leaning toward purchasing items in stores this year as 55% of Americans plan to do less than half of their holiday shopping online.

3. Despite the increase in plans to shop in-person, small or locally-owned businesses could take a hit this year as fewer (22%) plan to purchase gifts at these establishments.

Interested in more holiday shopper insights? Download the CivicScience Consumer Holiday Tracker for a full deep dive into what consumers are looking for this winter.