While fall is still weeks away, many Americans have already begun planning to get ahead of the holiday season. What are these forward-thinking shoppers looking for as they begin collecting for the winter months? CivicScience has the latest update.

Over a quarter of Americans have holiday preparations on their minds, with 5% of U.S. adults thinking about it a lot. 

Nearly one-quarter of the Gen Pop have already started their holiday shopping, and an impressive 10% are at least halfway through.

Looking at holiday shopping among four major retailers, Kohl’s takes the lead with 23% of their shoppers prepping. Walmart and Amazon shoppers follow closely behind.

What are shoppers prioritizing? Savings. With inflation concerns in mind, Americans are looking first and foremost for deals and promotions (34%) to ease the weight of rising costs, and secondarily, free shipping (21%).

Interested in more holiday shopper insights? Download the CivicScience Consumer Holiday Tracker for a full deep dive into what consumers are looking for this winter.