CivicScience continually tracks current and anticipated consumer trends. Here are three key insights marketers should know this week. All insights are derived from the CivicScience SPEC Report, an exclusive weekly report covering relevant social, political, economic, and cultural trends to help brands better understand and communicate with consumers.

1. Many Americans will be moving this year, especially out of state.

From needing a change of scenery to avoiding higher costs of living, more than 1-in-3 U.S. adults report they’re planning to move this year (35%), per the latest CivicScience data. Among movers, more than half intend to move out of state (54%), and a smaller percentage plan to stay in-state (46%). Adults currently residing in the Northeast or West are the most likely to be making an out-of-state move compared to those in the South and Midwest regions (data available in the full SPEC report). 

Region also plays a role in the motives behind moving. Americans who currently live in the Northeast are the most likely to move due to the cost of living, whereas Midwesterners are the least likely to move due to costs; instead, they’re the most likely to want a change of scenery and climate.

2. Democrats more likely than Republicans to speed electric vehicle purchases.

Last week, the EPA proposed new regulations for carmakers geared toward reducing pollution emitted from vehicles. These new rules could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S., as the EPA anticipates nearly two-thirds of vehicles sold in 2032 would have to be electric in order for carmakers to be compliant with the regulations. 

Today, about a third of consumers say they’re most likely to consider a hybrid or electric vehicle for their next car purchase. That percentage jumps among Democrats – 69% say they would purchase an EV, more than doubling the percentage of Republicans (28%). Independents stand in the middle, with 48% interested in owning an EV.

3. Young adults are enrolling in free subscription trials with the intent of canceling them.

Subscription-based products and services have expanded dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. Today, numerous subscription services (video streaming, apparel subscription services, etc.) offer free trials to give consumers a sneak peek of the service with the hopes that they sign up for a longer-term subscription. However, data show that a third of Americans say they’ve enrolled in one of these types of free trials over the last six months with the intent to cancel their membership before the trial ends. 

This practice is even more common among younger adults. Half of adults aged 18-34 say they’ve done this at least once in the last six months, nearly double the percentage of older adults who’ve said the same.

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