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1. American drivers are divided on anti-speeding measures as a majority say they typically exceed the speed limit when driving.

Where do Americans lie when it comes to obeying the speed limit when driving? According to new CivicScience data, 59% of U.S. adult drivers report they typically exceed the speed limit by 5-10 mph. This compares to one-third who say they adhere to the limits, while 8% admit to exceeding limits by more than 10 mph.1

Almost one-third of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. are speed-related, but it is far from just an American problem. Concern for speeding has led the European Union to require all new vehicles to have intelligent speed assistance systems starting this month, sparking a debate on whether similar technologies should be implemented in the United States.

Additional CivicScience data show those who drive within the speed limit, perhaps unsurprisingly, are most likely to support anti-speeding technologies, whereas those who drive over the limit are less supportive of them. Drivers are most supportive of real-time speed radars in neighborhoods and speed bumps/humps, but less supportive of traffic cameras at stoplights and in-vehicle notifications when going over the speed limit.

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2. Americans are open to traveling out of town to go shopping at a specific store.

Texas recently welcomed the world’s largest convenience store, a 75,000-square-foot travel center that is attracting travelers, tourists, and necessity shoppers alike. According to CivicScience data, traveling to shop at a particular location is pretty common – 55% of U.S. adults say they have traveled out of town to go shopping at a particular location in the past 12 months – including 17% who have traveled to another state or even another country.  

State size and population density likely factor in as residents of the smaller, more populous Northeastern states are more likely than residents of the larger, sparsely populated Western states to have traveled out of state on a shopping trip. 

3. U.S. Cricket makes a splash but has a long way to go to catch the interest of other non-big-four “fringe” sports among Americans.

The U.S. National Cricket Team ended their best-ever run at the T20 World Cup last week, drawing “unprecedented interest” from American sports fans. Last week, CivicScience asked respondents about cricket and a few other “fringe sports” – those outside the Big Four of football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. Sixteen percent of U.S. adults say they enjoy watching or playing cricket, while 18% enjoy field hockey, and 20% are lacrosse fans. More than one in three adults enjoy watching or playing golf (38%) and tennis (36%).

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  1. n=1,767 responses from 06/24/2024 to 06/26/2024, rebased among U.S. drivers ↩︎