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1. A majority oppose the idea of automakers sharing driving behavior data with auto insurers.

A report in the New York Times highlighted the practice of some automakers who collect data on driving behavior from internet-connected vehicles and provide that information to auto insurance companies. Although 23% express support for this approach, most Americans express discontent with the notion – 55% say they oppose the concept, including 43% who ‘strongly’ disagree with the practice. Notably, Democrats are nearly 15 points more likely than Republicans to be supportive of the practice.

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2. Americans are bullish on the impacts of President Biden’s executive order to boost women’s health research.

Women’s History Month has brought gender equality into focus, with CivicScience polling data revealing shifting attitudes toward equality in the workplace. Additionally, women’s health has also garnered heightened attention, underscored by President Biden’s recent executive order funding federal research into women’s health at a celebration for Women’s History Month. In the wake of this executive action, 45% of U.S. adults anticipate it will have a beneficial impact and this increases to 75% among respondents who are ‘very’ concerned about gender equality.

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3. “Buy one, get one free” offers are the standout leaders as Americans’ favorite discount coupons.

Americans like coupon discounts, according to new CivicScience polling data. Their favorite type of coupon discounts are “buy one, get one free” offers, followed by free shipping and percentage discounts (e.g., 10% off). Consumers who seek out online reviews for items they want to purchase are 30 points more likely to use coupon discounts while shopping.

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