As summer arrives and Americans begin to emerge from over a year of social restrictions, fashion and clothing purchases could be back on the brain. 

As the data show, 41% of U.S. adults believe that they are at least somewhat in need of new clothes.

While a new season may normally inspire a change in wardrobe, this summer, 11% of U.S. adults say they’re planning on buying more clothes than usual, while 7% have already done so. 

People who have recently anticipated getting back to some normal levels of socialization are the most likely to say they’ve already bought more new clothes. Even people who expect social distancing to continue for six or more months say they are planning on buying more clothes than usual for this time of year.

There’s a strong correlation between age and feeling like new clothes are needed. Adults ages 35 to 54 have the strongest overall pull towards refreshing their wardrobe.

Age wasn’t a major factor in whether or not someone was buying more clothes than usual, but those who have already bought new clothes or plan to do so really consider themselves fashion leaders. They are also the most influenced by social media when making a clothing or accessory purchase. 

While clothing may be a personal choice, 13% of U.S. adults say they are not satisfied with their partner or spouse’s wardrobe, with women being far less satisfied in this department than men. 

Women are also far more likely to be buying more clothes for the summer season than they typically would–so perhaps they’ll have a chance to update their partner’s wardrobes, while they’re at it. 

Close to half of U.S. adults say they need new clothes to some extent, and more than one-quarter have either made a handful of purchases or plan to as summer enters full swing. As outdoor activities kick up and people become more comfortable socializing, many consumers are once again planning to retool their wardrobe.