#LadiesWhoBrunch has garnered thousands of mentions across every social media channel. This hashtag has developed into somewhat of an aspiration – a signal of lavishness and poise. Brunch has become the meal in America, and these ladies are the ringleaders. But who are they, really?

To find out, we segmented our respondents to only include adult women that have answered the following question in the past year. Here’s what we found:

A graph showing the number of ladies who go out to brunch regularly.

The numbers speak for themselves, but the insights don’t. Here are 6 interesting findings about these lavish ladies who brunch at least once a month. Let’s start with a favorite:

1) They’re not as bourgeois as people think they are. Though new brunch spots often offer the finest, freshest and most local food, ditching all ingredients you can’t pronounce, these women might be happy with some chemical additives after all.

#ladieswhobrunch are no more likely to want organic brunch than anyone else.

As you can see, they are no more likely than any other group to say they’re interested in eating organic foods for breakfast. So the mystery remains: if these ladies didn’t start the organic brunch trend, who did?

2) They’re fast food lovers. Breaking down further stereotypes about ladies who brunch, did you know that they’re more likely than others to dine regularly at fast food restaurants?

This is in spite of the fact that they have a slightly higher income. They are more likely to earn between $75k and $100k each year. Maybe brunch spots should incorporate some fast food-inspired items onto their menus. Then again, it may just throw off the vibe.

Or, maybe fast food joints should hop onto the brunch trend.

Ladies who brunch are more likely to eat regularly at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds

3) They love wine. Ladies who brunch are 22% more likely to drink twice a week or more, and 35% more likely to drink wine between once a week and twice a month. So, even though they may not have started the healthy brunch trend, it’s possible that they started boozy brunch.

Thank you, ladies! What did we all do when it was socially unacceptable to be drinking at 10AM? #TheDarkAges. 

4) Food is important to them. Ladies who brunch are more likely to consider food an important part of their lifestyle. In other words, they live to eat, not eat to live. ‘Nuff said.

5) Do the thing, play the sports. Interestingly, ladies who brunch are more likely than ladies who don’t brunch to closely follow the NFL. So, albeit an unlikely partnership, brunch spots may want to advertise the latest offerings during an NFL commercial or two. During Sunday football games, additionally, sports bars may want to add brunch offerings and drinks for interested fans.

6) Brunch is more “social” than you think. Ladies who brunch are 12% more likely to have studied the social sciences as undergraduates, and 10% more likely to have studied business. Well, it looks like all of that studying paid off! Brunch isn’t cheap!

As a last tidbit, what’s one way to get ladies who don’t brunch into the brunch scene?

Well, we found that non-brunchers are 16% more likely to pick Chinese food as their favorite food. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of a Chinese food-inspired brunch, but it might be worth a shot. With so many brunch spots appearing almost indistinguishable from each other nowadays, this wacky addition just might stand out and bring in future lady brunchers.

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