With summer in full swing and National Hydration Day a few days away, CivicScience took a close look at two popular water bottle brand users: Hydro Flask and Yeti. Both brands offer durable water bottles designed for outdoor enthusiasts, available in a variety of sizes and colors. However, Hydro Flask is known for its straw lid cap and narrow neck design, whereas Yeti is popular for its wide-mouth water bottles and various cap options.  

According to the latest CivicScience data, consumers are more aware of Yeti than Hydro Flask, and Yeti also has a larger user base. Twenty-six percent of respondents say they’ve tried Yeti water bottles, compared to 15% of respondents who’ve tried Hydro Flask water bottles. Yeti also has a more significant intender audience – 10% intend to try Yeti, whereas 6% plan to try Hydro Flask. 

Conversely, Hydro Flask has a larger non-user base than Yeti (78% compared to 63%). However, among those who haven’t used the water bottles, a greater percentage say they’re not interested in trying Yeti (36%) than Hydro Flask (22%). This could hint that Hydro Flask could gain more intenders or customers with increased brand awareness.
In addition to their differences in usage, a close look at the InsightStore shows that Hydro Flask users have more travel experience, value more in their water bottle (e.g. appearance), and subscribe to numerous video streaming services. Yeti customers are more likely to work remotely and use cable and radio daily.

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