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On a Thursday earnings call, buy now, pay later company Affirm announced that it beat Wall Street expectations for revenue and the total dollar amount for all transactions on the platform for Q4 of its fiscal year. This growth has helped offset headwinds from higher interest rates and shifting consumer purchasing following the pandemic.

The latest quarterly report aligns with CivicScience polling which shows Affirm usage has grown nine percentage points to 15% from 2021, with those intending to use it jumping by four points to 6% in 2023. Those at least aware of the platform also jumped significantly to 47%, a 20 percentage point increase.

Despite the volatility the industry has faced so far this year, usage of buy now, pay later platforms as a whole has gone up since last year, with nearly one-quarter of consumers now checking in as a user (including those unaware). CivicScience data show Affirm, in particular, has much to be optimistic about going forward. For instance, experience purchases are becoming a point of emphasis for the company, and data indicate Affirm intenders are 16 percentage points more likely to splurge on themselves with an experience compared to those uninterested.

Additionally, Affirm has many retail partners, which also appears to bode well in the months ahead, as those looking to sign up with Affirm are 23 points more likely to shop at Best Buy, 22 points more likely to shop for Adidas clothing, and 20 points more likely to shop at Walmart (all retailers that offer payment through Affirm).

Affirm has positive momentum going forward – can it tap into those who are interested and already shopping with their partner brands? CivicScience can help hone in on intenders like these. Book a meeting to see how today.