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Amazon’s ‘Big Spring Sale’ concluded this week, and CivicScience data show that 36% shopped the sale (n=1,536 from 3/26/2024 to 3/28/2024). This is close to the predicted participation and the most recent Big Deal Days (41%).

Unlike Amazon’s previous sales exclusively for Prime members, the spring sale drew strong interest from those without a Prime membership. Among Big Spring Sale shoppers, 58% had Prime, and 42% did not while shopping. However, more than half of those without a membership signed up for one after the sale. 

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Among those who shopped, the majority reported at least ‘some’ of the items they wanted were in stock. However, supply chain issues were slightly more prevalent for this sale compared to October’s Big Deals Day. Thirty-one percent reported none of what they wanted was in stock, compared to 27% who said the same during October.

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What did consumers buy this year? Ahead of the sale, Americans reported they were going to buy electronics and tech products the most, however, beauty/health products came out on top, with 20% buying in this category. The next most popular categories were electronics and tech and home goods and decor, with 18% who purchased from each of them.

Overall, the Big Spring Sale was successful in generating new memberships and creating interest among beauty buyers. Given the dynamics of this sale being different from others, it could impact Amazon’s savings events moving forward.