With the sincerest of apologies to Billy Joel: Bottle of red, bottle of white, wine drinkers are in the mood to stay in tonight… and probably tomorrow as well.

In fact, a recent CivicScience poll found wine drinkers are nearly 14% less likely than beer drinkers to say they would resume their normal day-to-day activities as governments around the nation start to loosen coronavirus-related lockdowns.

And compared to the national average (27%), beer drinkers over-index when it comes to how quickly they’d hop to it while wine drinkers slightly under-index.

Based on what we know about comfort in returning to activities once lockdowns ease up (men are more comfortable with resuming activities than women are) the beer and wine differences make sense. Beer and wine drinkers, in this case, are just a proxy for gender.

Still, though, the wine versus beer divide continues when looking at other metrics on resuming normal activities. Beer drinkers are quicker to say – by a 16% margin over wine drinkers – that they’d be ready to go back to work within a month.

Similarly, beer drinkers say they’d be more apt to go back out to eat within the next month than wine drinkers. And when it comes to shopping, beer drinkers – once again – report being ready to hit the stores quicker than wine drinkers.

Clearly, the connection between what someone drinks and how likely they are to get back in the swing of things is notable. Beer drinkers are ready to get out, wine drinkers are fine spending a few more weeks with their Pinot Grigio at home. 

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