Black Friday and Cyber Monday- two of the biggest shopping days of the season are right around the corner. Since the beginning of November, we have been discovering a lot of interesting information on people planning to shop. We are going a step further than basic demographics and are looking at the differences between Black Friday shoppers and Cyber Monday shoppers in categories such as media consumption, technology usage, and shopping habits.

Who is the Black Friday shopper?

The Black Friday shopper is likely to be a younger female with a household income of $75K or less. The majority do not have children and 33% still live with mom and dad. She is currently employed and her religious beliefs are very important to her.

Who is the Cyber Monday shopper?

The Cyber Monday shopper is slightly more likely to be a female who owns a home and is 30+ years old. 65% are employed and 46% live in the suburbs.

At first glance, the shoppers look somewhat similar, but let’s look at the largest differences between the Black Friday shopper and the Cyber Monday shopper.


  • Black Friday shoppers are 49% more likely to be 24 years old and under.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 44% more likely to own a home.
  • Black Friday shoppers are 65% more likely to still live with mom and dad.

Media Consumption:

  • Black Friday shoppers are 89% more likely to say they watch ABC the most among other networks.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 17% more likely to read technology blogs/websites.
  • Black Friday shoppers are 43% more likely to love using Pinterest.

Technology Usage:

  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 18% more likely to own a smartphone.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 57% more likely to say the operating system is very important when making a new cell phone purchase.

Shopping Habits and Behaviors:

  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 36% more likely to say price is more important than brand when shopping for clothing/accessories.
  • Black Friday shoppers are 46% more likely to do the majority of their shopping in stores rather than online.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 59% more likely to say they always look at online reviews for items they want to purchase.
  • Black Friday shoppers are 59% more likely to say they are planning to purchase a smartphone in the next 30 days.

Health and Wellness:

  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 28% more likely to consider themselves overweight.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are 55% more likely to eat fast food once a week or more.


  • Black Friday shoppers are 65% more likely to say they will spend more on entertainment over the next 30 days compared to the last 30 days.
  • Black Friday shoppers are 66% more likely to elect to see movies in 3D when available.