More Americans are relying on delivery services for certain items during the coronavirus crisis, particularly groceries. What about alcohol? With bars shuttered in many states and less foot traffic in stores, are more people buying alcohol online? 

A CivicScience survey of more than 2,500 U.S. adults aged 21+ (among those who drink alcohol) shows that 15% have bought wine, beer, or liquor online in the past two weeks because of the virus. Another 12% say they plan to do so soon.People in both cities and suburbs are equally likely to buy alcohol online right now. However, it’s most popular in the Northeast part of the U.S., where 20% say they have already done so. 

It’s also most popular among 25- to 34-year-olds, 21% of whom have purchased online in the past two weeks.

What are they buying? Overall, beer seems to be the most heavily consumed beverage by online alcohol purchasers, with wine coming in second.

Grocery Apps and Pick-Up

There are several ways to purchase alcohol online, whether that’s through a website, an app that specializes in delivering alcohol, such as Drizly, or grocery delivery apps.

In fact, survey findings suggest that many of  those who are purchasing alcohol online or plan to may just be adding it to their online grocery order. More than half are shopping online for groceries. Job Loss and Alcohol Consumption

The survey also indicates that those who have bought alcohol online in the past two weeks are the most unconcerned about their job or employment situation, yet those who intend to buy alcohol online are the most concerned.Current CivicScience data show that 31% of adults are shopping in stores less due to the coronavirus crisis. While more people may be turning to buying alcohol online because they are shopping less in stores, fears over job loss due to the coronavirus pandemic may also be fueling online purchases.