CivicScience reaches millions of consumers who share valuable opinions and experiences with us every day. The Trend Adoption Tracker monitors emerging products, services, and trends across several categories over time. Click on awareness, intent, and ownership at the top of each chart to toggle between views and observe when certain types of products are experiencing growth, reaching a plateau / mainstream acceptance, or are on the way out.

The Latest Trend Adoption Insights

    • Awareness and usage of mindfulness meditation apps have been gradually increasing over time with app usage reaching a record high of 14% among US adults in the last quarter.
    • Shopping behaviors have been mostly consistent over the last quarter, but CivicScience data shows a slight up-tick in the usage of online, interest-free payment programs.
    • Although ownership is still relatively low, the intent to buy electric vehicles has increased to 21% in Q4.
    • Usage of language learning apps has remained consistent over the last quarter, but awareness and intent are starting to decline.

Check back in June 2021 for Q1 2021 data.