Everyone has to eat. But not everyone grocery shops the same way. Some look for name brands, while others opt for the store brand. Some shop with price in mind, while others shop for quality. And when it comes to quality, organic food is often top of mind. But as inflation impacts price tags across the produce section and beyond, how will Americans respond? 

Currently, CivicScience’s ongoing data tracking shows the quarterly percentage of U.S. adults who say they purchase organic food regularly (‘every chance I get’) is up two percentage points since our last report in Q1-2021, to 12%. Those who shop organic when it’s ‘convenient’ have also risen two percentage points to 21%. 

These numbers have shown a steady increase over time, while those who shop organic ‘not often’ have consistently fallen since Q1 of 2023.  

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Those making $100K or less yearly are leading the rise in organic food purchases. Four percent more adults who make less than $50K and 7% more adults who make $50K-$100K are buying organic food now than they were two years ago.

Data also show those who already purchase organic food are less likely to worry about spending more on groceries in the month ahead than those who do not buy organic.

However, organic grocery purchases in general are still not taking over at mainstream grocery stores. Just 9% of those who shop at large regional grocery chains, as well as those who shop at supercenter retailers, say they shop organic every chance they get. By contrast, 25% of those who shop at specialty grocery stores say the same.

While costs continue to rise in all areas of life, organic food is not taking a hit, with sales of organic food passing $60 billion in the last year and the post-pandemic emphasis on health and well-being – in fact, CivicScience data show those who buy organic food most frequently rate themselves as ‘very healthy.’ This, combined with the rise in interest from lower income Americans, suggests that buying organic isn’t going away anytime soon.

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