Is it some circadian rhythm, or do Christmas lovers set their clocks to November 1 at Midnight to start playing “All I Want for Christmas is You” and installing twinkle lights? Holiday fans and retailers alike have begun putting up Christmas displays right after Halloween.

Is this too soon?

How early is too early to sell Christmas?

A majority think before Halloween is too early. It seems between Thanksgiving and December is an ideal time to Christmas-ify stores.

We wonder how shoppers feel about some of the holiday practices of some retailers who buck the holiday trends.  

Nordstrom’s made some waves last holiday season for its attempt to combat the “Christmas Creep. The store refrains from putting up holiday decorations until after Black Friday.

nordstroms holiday policy

81% prefer Nordstrom’s design decision. These shoppers aren’t huge Nordstrom’s fans either–just some folks who don’t need Halloween and Christmas competing for space in stores.  

Last year REI closed its stores on Black Friday and encouraged employees to explore the outdoors with its #OptOutside campaign.

REI black Friday sales

Not only do 59% agree with REI’s decision, but the outdoor retailer experienced a 10% rise in online traffic Thanksgiving and a 26% boost online on Black Friday.   

While these campaigns aren’t widespread to all retail, they do show that customers are frustrated by the ongoing Christmas Creep and pressure of Black Friday.