Now it’s Dad’s turn to have time to relax and enjoy the holiday especially for him. Sunday is Father’s Day and CivicScience polled over 10,000 people across the U.S. over the past two weeks. We found who will buy Dad a gift and what people plan to buy. Also, we compared the responses of Father’s Day with the responses to Mother’s Day to see what differed.

A total of 48% of people are likely to buy a Father’s Day gift vs. 61% of people who said they were likely to buy a Mother’s Day gift. We aren’t sure why these numbers differ so much; maybe people think Mom is easier to shop for or maybe mothers are more excited to receive gifts. Do we just make a bigger deal about Mother’s Day than we do about Father’s Day? Your guess is as good as ours.

When compared to people who are not buying a gift, the likely buyer has certain distinct qualities:

Demographics– The likely buyer is 89% more likely to be a female, 22% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree, and 12% more likely to be married. Those who are very likely to buy a gift are 18-44 years old, while people who are somewhat likely to buy a gift are 24 and under. The somewhat likely buyer has a low income, which is probably why they are only “somewhat likely” to buy a gift.

Entertainment/TV– The likely buyer is 23% more likely to prefer comedy movies, 57% more likely to go to the movies regularly, 60% more likely to watch ABC most often, and 69% more likely to watch CNN for news.

Shopping/Technology– The likely buyer is 50% more likely to shop on the internet regularly, 89% more likely to spend 5-15 hours per week on Facebook, 89% more likely to be a twitter member, 39% more likely to own an e-reader, and 59% more likely to own a smartphone.

46% of people who are somewhat likely to buy say that friends and other contacts on social media influence what they buy. So in order to reach the buyer who is on the fence (somewhat likely) about buying a Father’s Day gift, entice them with good deals that won’t break the bank, offer free shipping since they like to shop online, and advertise gifts on social media, especially on Twitter.

So what are people planning to buy for Father’s Day?

It looks like many people will be buying their dad gift cards and clothing/accessories, followed by tools/outdoor equipment and electronics/media. Mom was more likely to get flowers, followed by gift cards.

Sunday will be here before we know it, so don’t forget about dad on his special day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!