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DSW, the footwear giant that sells shoes from top brands, currently operates over 600 stores across 44 states. Despite their longstanding success, recent reports show that the brand struggled with slowing sales last year due to macroeconomic challenges. That said, DSW’s parent company, Designer Brands, is optimistic about the brand’s future, given their initiatives to invest in “owned brands” and celebrity endorsements.

As the brand anticipates future growth, where does DSW stand right now among consumers? New CivicScience data show that 26% of U.S. adults are favorable to shopping at DSW, which is nearly double the percentage unfavorable to the brand (14%). Their fans consist mainly of Gen Z and Millennials, but they also have a large share of Gen X customers. 

In addition, 27% of U.S. adults say they shop at DSW at least once a year, and another 16% shop at the retailer less than that. However, the majority (57%) don’t shop at DSW.

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