Today, retail giants Amazon and Walmart kick off their hot deal frenzy – with Amazon touting “more deals than Black Friday” and Walmart saying their deals will extend for a longer period of time (90 days).

Amazon’s deals are only open to its Prime members, but it’s is offering a 30-day trial for new subscribers to easily sign up to reap the benefits. It will also offer new deals about every 10 minutes and customers can enjoy free, 2-day shipping.

Walmart meanwhile says it will roll back online prices for about 2,000 items and lower its free shipping minimum purchase from $50 to $35.

Who will favor which retailer for this discount-bonanza? Here are a few quick things that the CivicScience InsightStore™ can tell us from over 2,700 U.S. adult consumers who answered our poll question launched yesterday that asked at which retailer’s sale are they most likely to shop:

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

22% of consumers say they are more likely to shop here. They are more likely than the rest to be:

  • Age 18-34 (Millennials)
  • Earning over $75,000 per year
  • More educated (college degree holders)
  • Not parents
  • Suburban
  • Shoppers that value price slightly more than brand when shopping for electronics and media (but in general when shopping, they tend to value brand slightly more than price)
  • More likely to use their smart phone often to research products they want to purchase
  • On social media more than 2 hours each day and more frequent users of Facebook (daily and weekly)

Walmart Rollbacks Shoppers

11% of consumers say they are more likely to shop for the deals here, and they are more likely than the rest to be:

  • Women
  • Age 45 and older
  • Earning less than $75,000 per year
  • Slightly less educated
  • Parents or Grandparents
  • Passionate about TV shows, and more of them watch over 6 hours of TV per day
  • Already fans of shopping at Walmart and more likely to make most of their grocery purchases there
  • Spending less than 1 hour on social media per day and more likely to have never used Facebook

It seems that Walmart will need to rely much more on TV advertising and store-level advertising to get the word out about their 90-day Rollback campaign, while Amazon may have better success reaching their most-likely Prime Day shoppers via social media.

Alas, despite these amazing sales opportunities, 56% of U.S. adults don’t plan to take advantage of either retailer’s deals. Or, so they say for now. We’ll see how the sales go and whether July 15th can un-seat Black Friday.