The United States is a diverse nation of consumers with different wants and needs, backgrounds, opinions, values, and expectations. However, not all voices are always clearly heard, often causing decision-makers to remain ill-informed.

CivicScience’s robust privacy-centric polling platform, fueled by our media partnerships, enables Americans from all walks of life to be heard and informed. In this series, we’ll take a closer look at Hispanic and Latino American respondents, who represent 19% of the U.S. population.

Here are five key insights about U.S. Hispanic consumers regarding fashion and apparel trends that marketers should know and how they compare to the non-Hispanic U.S. population.

1. Hispanic Americans are twice as likely to value style the most when buying clothing.

CivicScience data show that consumers, in general, value comfort the most when buying clothing and accessories, and Hispanic Americans are among them. Thirty-six percent of Hispanic Americans say comfort is most important when purchasing clothing, compared to 34% of non-Hispanic Americans. 

Conversely, Hispanic Americans are three points less likely to value quality/durability and a whopping eight points less likely to value price the most. Instead, they’re twice as likely to value style/trendiness the most (13% vs. 6% of non-Hispanic U.S. adults).

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2. Hispanic U.S. adults look at many sources for fashion inspiration.

Social media is the winner for fashion inspiration among Hispanic Americans. Twenty-four percent get most of their fashion inspiration from social media – eight points higher than non-Hispanic Americans who say the same. Twenty-three percent look at TV/movies and friends/family for fashion advice, which stands 5+ points higher than non-Hispanic adults. 

Fashion blogs and magazines aren’t the top choices for most Hispanic Americans, but they’re still significantly more likely to be influenced by them than non-Hispanic adults.

3. Fast fashion is a way of shopping for nearly two-thirds of Hispanic Americans.

CivicScience data reveal that 66% of Hispanic Americans purchase fast-fashion apparel from brands like Shein, H&M, and Forever 21, compared to 39% of non-Hispanic Americans. While most buy fast fashion for lower prices, Hispanic Americans are more likely to purchase fast fashion for the style, quality, and assortment. Perhaps it allows shoppers to stay on top of the ever-changing fashion trends on social media and other mediums Hispanic Americans look to for fashion advice. 

4. However, they still consider themselves to be environmentally-friendly shoppers.

Even though Hispanic Americans are heavy fast-fashion shoppers, they’re much more likely to say they shop at environmentally-friendly retailers than non-Hispanic Americans. Nearly 7-in-10 say they purchase apparel from environmentally-friendly retailers at least ‘sometimes,’ compared to a slight majority of non-Hispanic U.S. adults (53%). 

Despite strong interest in shopping from environmentally-friendly retailers, price has the bottom line for many consumers who shop fast-fashion.

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5. Hispanic Americans are more than twice as likely to do most of their shopping at specialty and fast-fashion stores.

In general, Americans are most likely to make the majority of their clothing and accessory purchases from big-box stores (e.g., Target, Walmart). Twenty-six percent of Hispanic Americans say they’ve done the majority of their shopping at big-box stores in the last three months, which is two points lower than non-Hispanic Americans. Hispanic Americans are also less likely than non-Hispanic Americans to shop at department stores (e.g., Macy’s, Nordstrom) and online stores (e.g.,, Lulu’s).

Instead, Hispanic Americans are more than twice as likely to shop at specialty (e.g., Lululemon, GAP) and fast-fashion (e.g., H&M, Shein) stores.

Overall, Hispanic Americans are stylish shoppers and want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. They predominantly look at social media, TV/movies, and friends/families for fashion inspiration. While they highly value comfort, quality, and price, they are much more likely to shop for the style/trendiness of the clothing/accessories than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Perhaps this is why they opt for trendy fast-fashion retailers, even though they consider themselves environmentally conscious shoppers.

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