If you’re a pet owner, chances are, you’ve explored the far reaches of the pet food universe to find that perfect balance of nutrition and taste your furry family member will eat without issue. It’s also likely that you’ve noticed the steady stream of pet food recalls that happened throughout this year. To get a better picture of what’s happening in the pet food market, CivicScience surveyed pet parents to learn more about their food quality concerns, purchasing habits, and the brands they can’t live without.

Despite recalled pet food frequently circulating in the news over the past year, concerns about quality have slightly decreased since the beginning of 2020.

One-fifth of respondents report picking up their pet’s food from major retailers (think Walmart or Target), with grocery stores coming in a close second. While these two figures are close to our 2020 findings, it’s worth noting that purchases from chain pet stores and Amazon are down, as shopping local and from online pet suppliers rise in popularity. 

In the brand versus price debate, the majority of pet owners prefer a balance of the two, followed by brand favorability ultimately outweighing price. These findings similarly reflect our 2020 study, though brand loyalty is certainly on the rise in 2021.

So, what pet food brands are getting the most love? According to our data, Purina takes the top prize for dog owners as a tried-and-true option. Consumers also reported the greatest interest in trying Blue Buffalo in the future.

Purina won the hearts and trust of cat people as well, and even though Hill’s and Blue Buffalo ranked towards the bottom, they boast the greatest intent to purchase in the future.

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