As previously reported, Ulta hitched itself to Target to capitalize on its customer base and build a stronger presence in the makeup and skincare market. How is it going so far in the 100 locations now open for business? Seven percent of the U.S. adult population say they have already shopped for Ulta’s products at a Target near them.

The anticipation of more Ulta shops in Target locations is palpable. Seventeen percent of U.S. adults are very likely to visit a Target-hosted Ulta shop and 24% are somewhat likely, making more than one-third of the population interested in the team-up. 

What do we know about people who are planning to look for the latest Ulta Beauty products inside their local Target? 

While women might be the intuitive target market, men are actually just as likely as women to have already gone to a Target Ulta. In fact, they are one percentage point more likely to have done so. Ultimately, women are more interested in shopping for Ulta products at Target, but men hold significant interest.

Half of survey respondents who marked themselves as favorable toward Target within the last six months are likely to explore the Ulta section. More notably though are the 19% of respondents who reported being unfavorable toward Target but expressed interest in stopping by.

Kohl’s fans are just as likely as Target fans to say they are very or somewhat likely to shop for makeup and skincare at Ulta in Target. This is significant considering Kohl’s debuted a similar partnership with Sephora to build its customer base. 

As more Ulta locations set up shop in Target, consumers will diverge for varying reasons, one of which will be brand versus price. CivicScience’s December report on Kohl’s and Sephora revealed that Sephora fans were more likely than Ulta, Target, and Kohl’s fans to value brand over price when shopping for cosmetics. But, the competition heats up: 76% of consumers likely to visit a Target-hosted Ulta are much more concerned about brand than price.