‘Tis the season for folks to share joy, quality time, and of course, plenty of presents — and that includes pet parents. Or does it? Respondents in CivicScience’s latest poll report they’re slightly less likely to purchase pet gifts this year than last year, which could mean more animals wound up on the naughty list in 2021. 

Despite some decreased interest in purchasing pet gifts this year, our data show a slight increase in potential pet gift spending since the last holiday season.

In lieu of relying on Santa to deliver the toys and treats their pet desires most, here’s where animal lovers are planning to make their purchases. Likelihood to shop on Amazon notably decreased since 2020, while big box stores all rebounded by a percentage point or two.

Pre-pandemic pet owners are overwhelmingly likely to leave a few special things under the tree for their quadrupeds, while those who acquired a pandemic pet seem to still be mulling it over.

Respondents in their mid-30s to mid-50s appear to be feeling the most generous with pet gifting this year, while participants 55+ likely won’t be treating their fuzzy family members at all. 

And lastly, when it comes to the gender divide, women are more likely to step up as Old Saint Nick, though it is a rather close comparison.

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