Since we looked at who the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers are let’s focus on what people will be spending more on during the two shopping days and how/where they are most likely to shop. As you can see, people shopping on Black Friday and those shopping on Cyber Monday have a similar spending plan:

black friday graphblack friday graph

Overall, electronics and media are what shoppers are expecting to spend the most on, followed by clothing and accessories, toys and games, and lastly, housewares.

Of the people shopping on Black Friday, 38% will be shopping in a mall, 24% in a big box retailer (such as Walmart or Target), 14% at outlets, 14% at discount retailers (Dollar General or Big Lots), and 10% at specialty stores (such as Best Buy).

15% of people are planning to cut their Thanksgiving short and shop in the late night hours leading up to Black Friday, with people 18 and under representing the largest age group to do so. When asked how people plan to shop on Black Friday, 6% said they will be there when stores open, while 15% said they will get there at some point during the day.

Switching gears to Cyber Monday, many people will focus their shopping on e-commerce sites. Of the 23% of people planning to shop on Cyber Monday, 65% will shop on e-commerce sites like, 30% on retail sites such as, and only 4% will visit auction sites such as

The majority of Cyber Monday shoppers (21%) will browse and make their purchases on a computer, while 2% will do the majority of their shopping on a tablet and another 2% will make the majority of their purchases on a smartphone.

After looking at and their Black Friday predictions, tablets and eReaders will definitely, once again, be the hot item of the year. Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are all reducing prices and some are offering gift cards with the purchase. Since the majority of people shopping on Black Friday do not have a high income, many people will take advantage of the tablet deals while they can. 44% of shoppers already own a tablet computer, so there is a good chance that they will be buying a tablet or eReader for family member or a significant other. Due to the age, marital status, and parental status of the shopper, it isn’t likely that they will be buying a tablet or eReader for their children.

HDTVs are going to be another popular item on Black Friday. 61% of Black Friday shoppers own a home or are renters, but 33% still live with mom and dad. I doubt those living at home will be purchasing their parents a new TV or buy their own TV, but the majority do have their own home and a more established income, so there is a good chance this will sell well; however, 76% of Cyber Monday shoppers own their own home or rent. I would think HDTVs would have better sales if the deals were offered on Cyber Monday.

Video games and gaming systems will be a popular item on Black Friday, as is predicting. It seems that Black Friday shoppers may be purchasing the games for themselves rather than for others, since 47% already own a video game console. They are also 65% more likely to spend more on entertainment over the next 30 days compared to the last 30 days. Some may see an upgraded PS4 or Xbox One under the Christmas tree this year.

Smartphones are going to be another popular purchase on Black Friday. 25% of Black Friday shoppers are likely to buy a smartphone within the next 30 days, which is 59% more likely than the Cyber Monday shopper.

Good luck shoppers!