Depending on whose data you believe, anywhere from 10% to 50% of U.S. consumers currently have ad blocking tools enabled on their smartphone or computer. Regardless of where things are today, the proliferation of ad blockers is increasing and their impact on the digital advertising economy is massive.

We know people who use ad blockers are generally younger and more tech savvy than other people. But the differences don’t end there. Entire segments of valuable consumers are being missed online, posing a greater risk to certain publishers and advertisers than others. For example, gaming and technology websites have a higher ad blocking rate than others, and ad blockers have a higher favorability for brands such as Apple, Nissan, and Wendy’s.

On Thursday May 12th, CivicScience CEO John Dick presented first-of-its kind research on the profiles and psychographic differences of people who use ad blockers. The research explores how ad-blocking consumers vary from the norm in their media consumption, technology usage, and political engagement – and how those differences could be impacting media and advertisers in hidden ways.

Learn more by downloading the webinar from May 12, 2016: “Profiling the Ad Blocking Consumer