Tiger King no longer needs an introduction. About one in five Americans have watched the trials and tribulations of roadside zoo owner Joe Exotic on Netflix. Another 14% say they plan to watch the show. 

Now, true-crime network Investigation Discovery (ID) may find itself with a golden goose (or golden tiger) on its hands as it produces a new spin-off series. Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic will focus on the mysterious disappearance of Don Lewis, the former husband of Carole Baskin, a big cat activist featured on Tiger King. It’s rumored to be released in late 2020 or early 2021. 

According to a CivicScience survey of more than 2,300 Americans age 13 and older, nearly 30% of the general population is at least somewhat interested in watching the Investigation Discovery show.

The interest numbers rise to a whopping 69% among those who’ve watched or plan to watch Tiger King. That includes 43% who say they’re “very interested.”

Interest in Fictional ‘Tiger King’ Adaptation Slightly Lower

In addition to ID’s docu-series, a number of fictionalized versions of the Joe Exotic story are reportedly brewing. That includes a confirmed mini-series with SNL’s Kate McKinnon cast as Carole Baskin. According to CivicScience survey data, viewers are slightly less keen on dramatized Tiger King spin-offs than they are on the upcoming ID documentary series. Still, though, there is strong interest (52% among Tiger King fans).

Women were much more likely to be “very interested” in the dramatized version than men, while both sexes were equally interested in the docu-series. Millennials were the generation to show the most overall interest in both projects. Gen X and Gen Z also showed strong interest. 

Joe Exotic Fans Are the Most Interested

Tellingly, those who said that Joe Exotic was their favorite cast member on Tiger King were way more likely to be interested in the spin-offs.

With such a glut of content from the exotic animal world coming down the pipeline, it will be interesting to see whether Americans lose interest or feel overloaded by the time these shows come about. CivicScience will continue to track Americans’ feelings about the Tiger King universe as these projects come to fruition.