Taylor Swift announced the release of her new AMC film documenting her international Eras Tour on August 31 via various social media platforms. Devoted Swifties quickly hopped onto the AMC app, causing it to crash in the mad rush to snatch up a ticket. Hopefully, those who didn’t get so lucky with Ticketmaster the first (or second, or third) time around had more success with AMC. 

Now, October 13, the much-anticipated release date, is finally drawing near. What does CivicScience data say about those headed to see “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” in theaters? 

According to intent data, 19% of U.S. respondents 13+ indicate they’re at least somewhat likely to see “Eras Tour” in theaters (n=3,331). Young Millennials (25-34) are the most likely to have plans, followed closely by Gen Z (13-24).

Though intent is slightly lower compared to recent premieres like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” the fact that this documentary concert film has the attention of nearly 20% of the 13+ population is impressive. 

Additional data show a moderate correlation between respondents’ political affiliation and the likelihood of attending the movie, with the greatest percentage of Democrats saying they’ll head to theaters. On a less expected note, men and women respondents are equally likely to have selected that they are ‘very likely’ to see the film in theaters. Who says there are no male Swifties? 

More than 40% of those who say they are ‘very likely’ to attend the concert film in theaters already attended an Eras Tour concert or have tickets to attend, compared to only about 2% of those who aren’t likely at all. Swifties clearly have no issue with hitting repeat for the Eras Tour!

Even More Insights About “Eras Tour” Movie Intenders:

  • Social media (sports) stars: 30% of likely “Eras Tour” movie-goers share sports news via social media every day, compared to about 5% of those not likely to attend. 
  • Swifties and NFL viewership: 61% of those who responded they are ‘very likely’ to see the movie also follow the NFL ‘closely,’  compared to only about a third of those who are ‘not at all likely’ to see it. With current headlines about Swift’s recent attendance at NFL games, this comes as no surprise. 
  • Bakery enthusiasts: Those who intend to see the Eras Tour movie are six times more likely to have favorable opinions of bakery-restaurant chain Le Pain Quotidien, compared to those who are not likely at all. 
  • Getaway car: Recent adult new car intenders are the most likely to say they’re ‘very likely’ to see “Eras Tour” in theaters.
  • Blank check: Over half of “Eras Tour” movie intenders say they’ve made an early retirement withdrawal or plan to.
  • No meat at the movies: Nearly half of those ‘very likely’ to see the concert film are vegetarian or vegan, 10 times that who are ‘not likely at all.’ 
  • Optimists at heart: Close to half (48%) of those ‘very likely’ to attend “Eras Tour” in theaters feel optimistic about the U.S. stock market right now, compared to 19% of those ‘not at all likely’. 
  • And by the way, I’m going out tonight:” 8-in-10 people who are ‘very likely’ to see the movie in theaters indicated that they go out to dinner or order takeout once a week or more.
  • Movie newbies in attendance: Roughly 1-in-4 consumers who responded that they are ‘very likely’ to see “Eras Tour” in theaters also indicated that they usually ‘never’ go to the movies. They’re making the trip for Taylor.

With her ongoing tour, possible new relationship and movie on the horizon, Taylor Swift keeps herself in the headlines. And with the re-recording release of her album “1989” scheduled for exactly two weeks after the movie release date, her name is sure to remain in the news in upcoming weeks; it’s very possible that some of the respondents who initially said they were ‘somewhat likely’ to see the film in theaters will end up there eventually. 

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