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With Father’s Day already on the horizon, it’s now or never when it comes to deciding how to spend the day. What plans have Americans made for celebrating? While some may say that “father knows best,” in terms of highlighting consumer trends, ultimately, the data knows best.

As a result, this year’s insights paint a picture of what to expect from gift givers, as well as what dads really want to make their special day a home run. 

Currently, CivicScience data show the majority of U.S. adults plan to buy a Father’s Day gift. In fact, 32% of gift givers plan to shop from an online retailer, while 26% will patronize a local store or restaurant and 14% will purchase from a national retailer or restaurant. 

Given this information, it comes as no surprise that gift givers are most likely to purchase a meal out or food-related gift. The second-most popular option is a gift card, while tools or electronics – the archetypal dad hobbies – come in third.

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Spending on Father’s Day Gifts Is Up, but Dollar Amount Is Down

Overall, slightly more people plan to purchase Father’s Day gifts this year compared to last year. The percentage of those spending $1-$50 on Father’s Day gifts is up to 27% this year, an increase of four percentage points from 2023. The majority of those spending in this category are women. However, the percentage of those expecting to spend more than $50 on gifts has fallen, suggesting that buyers are reining in their spending.

Interestingly, those who plan to spend more than $100 are the most likely to have enjoyed buying products directly from social media. Hopefully the algorithm is on-point.

What to Get for Dad 

For some – perhaps especially those not getting guidance from an algorithm – Dad can be difficult to buy for. But once again, data help to remove the guesswork. When it comes to how fathers want to spend the day, a strong 49% would like to spend time with their children and/or partner for the day. Going out for a meal comes in second – so the food and restaurant-related gifts will be well-received. 

When comparing preferences with what moms wanted for Mother’s Day this year, the percentages are strikingly similar. Forty-eight percent of moms wanted to spend the day with their families, and 23% wanted to go out for a meal. Suffice it to say, those gifts are likely to be appreciated by the whole family. 

This Father’s Day, the data is clear. For those debating how best to approach this yearly day of fatherly appreciation, opting for time with Dad perhaps at a favorite restaurant will go a long way to creating fond memories for everyone involved.

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