One of the many implications of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is the impact on advertising. 

Numerous brands have already pulled the plug on running ads on the social platform due to concerns about misinformation and being tied to Musk. All this aside, CivicScience data show there are major retail brands who may fare well if they choose to advertise on the network more than others. 

As it stands, 21% percent of U.S. adults say they’re more likely to use the platform with Musk at its helm, while 34% percent say the opposite.  While opinions have changed since CivicScience first ran the poll (opinions against the platform under Musk have grown), the 21% figure in support of Musk’s takeover is still strong.

To understand specific brand impact, CivicScience examined reactions to the Twitter news through the lens of brand favorability. Of the thousands of retail brands CivicScience tracks 24/7, a few stood out.

Overwhelmingly, favorable consumers show the largest percentage of likelihood to use Twitter more now that Elon Musk has taken ownership. Second to the shoe giant are REI and brand favorables. L.L. Bean came in fourth for consumers wanting to use Twitter more. If these brands choose to continue advertising on Twitter (or decide to start doing so) it could bode well. 

The data show that Macy’s consumers are right down the middle in that they most closely resemble the Gen Pop’s opinion on the matter. 

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