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1. More than half of Gen Z adults, low-income households turn to dollar stores for groceries.

Despite expectations of slowing food price increases, consumers continue to adapt their shopping habits. In addition to cutting back on more expensive food items, many Americans have turned to dollar stores as a cheaper alternative to traditional grocery stores. According to new data, more than 50% of Gen Z adults, Millennials, and consumers in lower-income households (less than $50,000) shop for groceries at a dollar store at least once per month.

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2. Consumer priorities for how to spend their tax refunds continue to shift as the filing deadline approaches. 

The tax filing deadline is less than a month away, and many consumers are planning how to spend their tax refunds this year amidst lower than expected returns. CivicScience data show 25% of those expecting a refund plan to spend it on shopping, home improvements, or travel. This represents a similar percentage to 2022 and a five-point increase over 2023, with shopping seeing the biggest increase. 

Thirty-six percent of respondents plan to save or invest their refund this year. Another 25% plan to use it to pay off existing debts, a percentage that has fallen four points since last year despite the resumption of student loan payments.

3. Three in ten Americans oppose the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Donald Trump on the Colorado presidential primary ballot.

The Supreme Court recently overruled a Colorado Supreme Court decision that banned Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 presidential primary ballots. According to CivicScience data, 1-in-2 Americans support the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision allowing the former president to run in Colorado, compared to 31% who disagree with the ruling. Republicans are nearly 60 percentage points more likely than Democrats to approve of the decision, while independents are largely divided on the issue.

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