We all know that younger people are more likely to celebrate Friendsgiving –  that’s not so shocking. But we found out what it is.  If you’re hosting a Friendsgiving celebration this year, these data-driven tips will help you take your celebration from mediocre to unforgettable.

But to back up for a moment, exactly how many people are celebrating Friendsgiving this year?

10% of adults will be celebrating Friendsgiving

10% – That’s pretty strong considering the tradition has only been going for roughly 5 years. Of this 10%, here’s what we found out for all you welcoming hosts.

1) You have some work to do. Friendsgiving-goers are more likely to eat most often at upscale restaurants, and 54% of them eat most at independent/locally-owned restaurants.

So, it’s safe to say they have high standards. At your Friendsgiving table, try to channel a combination of that chic Capitol Grille vibe (i.e. candles, ambient music, beautiful food) mixed with a more eclectic vibe that many local restaurants exhibit.

That’s a lot to manage, but the good news is…

2) It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We found that people attending Friendsgiving are more likely to favor shopping for furniture at IKEA, so you’re in luck. You can find amazing bargains at IKEA that will channel both those decadent and eclectic vibes we talked about. If you need some inspiration, take a look here.

3) They love comfort food. 77% of folks we asked who are attending a Friendsgiving celebration have a favorable view of Outback Steakhouse. While you by no means need to order your Friendsgiving food from this restaurant, it may help to channel its menu a bit. It seems that these folks don’t shy away from greasy and heavy food, and that’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

But that said…

4) Tread lightly. 20% of Friendsgiving-goers we asked have had surgery for cosmetic or weight-loss purposes. Given that your guests may feel self-conscious about their appearance (not a given, just a possibility), it may be beneficial to compliment them and go above and beyond to ensure they feel comfortable at your meal. This is just a general best practice for hosting, anyways.

Also, be sure to offer lighter options for these folks and others who might not be crazy about heavy food.

5) No surprise: host your meal at night. 57% of Friendsgiving attendees that we asked consider themselves to be night owls. Let them sleep during the day, and at night, they’ll have a full appetite and will be ready to go.

Last but not least….

6) Drugs. You didn’t hear this from me, but 79% of Friendsgiving-goers would support a law that regulates marijuana similar to alcohol. So… do with that information what you will.

In summary, these Friendsgiving fanatics may be a tough crowd to please, but you can do it. Use the data-driven tips to put on the best Friendsgiving yet!

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