Amazon is now in its second season of exclusively hosting Thursday Night Football NFL broadcasts on Amazon Prime Video, and has seen an increase in viewership after a slow start to the season. The company will take their NFL coverage a step further by hosting the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game, which will be free for all Amazon account holders, regardless of whether they have a Prime subscription. But that’s not all, Black Friday deals are also to be had for those tuning in. Thanksgiving Day football is considered a tradition for some Americans – will Amazon start a new one for Black Friday as well?

Here’s what the latest CivicScience data show in terms of watching intent and whether or not the Black Friday deals coinciding with the broadcast will be a hit:

Two in five U.S. adults say it’s at least somewhat likely they will tune in on Black Friday to watch the New York Jets battle the Miami Dolphins – 19% feel ‘very’ likely to do so. The game also looks like it could attract as much as 21% of consumers who don’t follow the NFL, but don’t expect Taylor Swift to be there as a ratings driver – she’ll be on the next leg of her Eras tour in Brazil.

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With viewers able to watch with just a standard Amazon account, the game presents the opportunity to serve as a large trial run for users of some of Amazon’s major competitors in the live sports sector of streaming services. Notably, more than three-quarters (77%) of ESPN+ users report it’s at least ‘somewhat likely’ they’ll be watching, followed by Hulu+ Live TV (75%) and Apple TV+ users (73%). 

This particular game offers one extra aspect that Amazon’s streaming rivals can’t yet match: Black Friday shopping on its platform. Viewers will see Black Friday deals during the game broadcast as they pop up on screen. CivicScience polling finds a slight majority of respondents who are planning to watch the game are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to take advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday deals while they tune in.

Amazon has a seemingly rare opportunity to court consumers of its streaming industry rivals with the added advantage of Black Friday shopping built in to boot. Can it convert on this unique chance for a big Thanksgiving weekend win?

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