Recently, Chipotle launched a new campaign where players can watch a quick promo video, match up a few answer pairings, and win a two-for-one meal. This deal is fair game for anyone who plays, and is redeemable in any U.S. Chipotle. This isn’t the only time that Chipotle has tried something new and innovative to bring people in. Chiptopia, anyone? 

The company launched this campaign after survey findings revealed  that 71% of respondents would be more likely to agree that the chain uses high-quality ingredients after watching its film. In addition, 65% said it made them more likely to trust the company.

Basically, Chipotle really wants people to watch this video because if they do, there’s a good chance those people will begin to favor the Tex-Mex giant if they don’t already. So, we asked over 2,000 people, Chipotle fans and non-fans, what they thought about the game.

21% of Chipotle fans will try Chipotle's new game.

As you can see, 21% of people are likely to play this new game. That’s not a bad number compared to other restaurant campaigns we’ve assessed, but let’s take a look deeper.

We found out that 31% of Chipotle fans are likely to play this new game. That’s great and all, but the game isn’t really for us – it’s for people who aren’t yet fans, and those numbers are much different. Only 4% of non-fans are at all likely to play the game.

Chipotle is banking a lot on people watching this video, but it seems the game and deal alone are not enough to convince potential consumers to watch it. So, what might?

The Chipotle Fan to Be

The group that answered that they are not likely to play the game has some interesting preferences. Knowing them may help Chipotle cater this campaign moving forward.

The most important trait we discovered is that they are over 3x as likely to be over the age of 55. With this older age comes a lack of social media activity, namely that they are less likely to use Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

However, this older group tends to watch more TV, and they are more likely to be influenced by TV ads. Although online ads may work best for Millennials and those who are a bit younger, if Chipotle hopes to win over the unconvinced, TV may be a definite way to do so. In addition, they are more likely to prefer TV documentaries. Advertising alongside TV docs may further engage this group to go online and play the game.

Given their older age, of course they are more likely to have children and grandchildren. Their younger kin are already more likely to be fans of Chipotle, so emphasizing a family aspect of the restaurant, and the ability to join their kids in a restaurant that they enjoy, may prove useful for advertising as well.

Lastly, we found that folks who aren’t likely to play the new Chipotle game are slightly more likely to live in the U.S. South

Burritos Are a Boy’s Best Friend

When I found out about the deal, it didn’t take me too long to hop online and play the game. I’ll take a free Burrito any day. These tips may help Chipotle in getting others to do just the same.

People will be matching those fresh ingredients in no time.

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