Just one week into Elon Musk’s Twitter ownership, some major advertisers are scampering off the platform. Although Musk might consider the specific cause to be up for debate, companies are increasingly wary of being associated with the site. But not all brands rely on the same users – and some may in fact rely on customers who are more inclined to be on Twitter than before.

According to CivicScience data, daily Twitter users are currently ‘less likely’ to want to use the site under Elon Musk’s ownership (30%) compared to when we first reported it nearly two weeks ago (25%).

But what about the preferences of those who are more enthusiastic about the site – which apparel brands are they most interested in supporting? Under Armour leads apparel brands when it comes to exceeding the Gen Pop’s tendency to have a heightened interest in Twitter under Musk. New Balance and Birkenstock, however, are less enthused by the change in ownership – and Birkenstock fans outpace the Gen Pop’s likelihood to use it less. Lululemon favorables are the most opinionated on the matter. While they also outpace the Gen Pop in likelihood to use Twitter under Musk, a similar and even higher percentage of Lululemon favorables are less likely to use it.

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