CivicScience data has consistently shown that Gen Z is a generation with distinct tastes and preferences, and the same holds true for traveling. This age group is passionate about traveling for pleasure and far more likely to have travel plans than the average American.

Here’s a closer look at Gen Z travelers through the lens of the CivicScience InsightStore™:

1. Spring break is looking bright and sunny for Gen Z.

Spring break is in full swing for Gen Z. A whopping 71% of adults ages 18-24 say they plan to travel in the next month, significantly outpacing the 55% of the Gen Pop doing the same. Nearly 30% will travel via plane, almost 10 points higher than the Gen Pop. These passengers will likely book with American Airlines, as they are ranked as the top airline among Gen Z.  

2. Beach vacations win for Gen Z.

Due to their passion for travel, Gen Z is more likely to go on almost every type of vacation than the Gen Pop. At the top of their list are beach/lake vacations, with 31% saying they’ve planned or are planning this type of vacation (equivalent to the Gen Pop). They’re also adventurous in their travel choices. They’re fans of visiting amusement parks, going on cruises, camping, and doing outdoor activities. 

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3. Gen Z is going abroad.

While Americans are most likely to fly domestically this year, Gen Z leads international travel. Over a quarter of travelers aged 18-24 say their most significant trip this year will be flying somewhere abroad – similar to last year’s holiday travel data – compared to 18% of the Gen Pop (who are more likely to drive).

4. Checked bag price hikes are hitting Gen Z.

Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines are among the airlines that recently hiked their checked baggage fees, and CivicScience data show that Gen Z is more likely to be affected. About 80% of Gen Z travelers are at least ‘somewhat’ concerned about the rising prices of checked bags, compared to a high of 74% of the Gen Pop. Their increased concern is likely because they travel more than the Gen Pop. 

As a result, Gen Z is most likely to use carry-on luggage instead, followed by searching for another airline or mode of transportation.

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5. Gen Z buys new clothes, shoes, and luggage for traveling.  

Going on a trip means buying new apparel and luggage for Gen Z. Forty-five percent of Gen Z travelers intend to make a clothing, shoe, or luggage purchase in the next month (10 points higher than Gen Pop travelers). This is also in line with recent CivicScience data showing that Gen Z plans to spend more on clothing in the next month. 

Overall, travel companies should keep an eye on Gen Z. They’re big travelers who love adventure, such as visiting amusement parks, doing outdoor activities, camping, and cruising. They tend to go abroad more than the average person, and they’re often packing their suitcases with new clothing and shoes. Since they travel frequently, they are more price-sensitive regarding checked baggage price hikes. They tend to price search for a better alternative, as this generation shows similar behaviors in other areas of their lives, such as grocery shopping

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