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Add real-time consumer insights to your investment strategy and decision-making

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The New Frontier in Consumer-Driven Market Intelligence

See What Everyone Else is Talking About

Named one of the "Must Follow" companies by the WSJ and one of the "coolest" data companies by Gartner, we are rapidly changing the way consumer insight drives the market.

Proven Outcomes for Researchers and Investors

Whether supporting a same-day investment decision or uncovering a hidden trend over time, we provide unique insight unavailable anywhere else.

Fast, Reliable, and Easy to Use

Our research services are designed to produce scientifically-valid business answers in 24 hours or less - all delivered straight to your desktop or mobile phone.

Key Features

Deep Historical Insight Across Thousands of Topics

Since 2011, we have tracked thousands of topics - among millions of consumers - across media, consumer goods, retail, shopping behavior, holidays, technology and much, much more. We make all of that available to your entire organization. We never place a limit on seat licenses.

Fast, Agile Custom Research

If we aren't already tracking a stock or a topic you care about, we can add your proprietary questions at a moment's notice. You get confidential results in a day or less, with extensive context and analysis.

Forward-Looking Trend Analysis and Forecasting

With the power to ask anything we want, anytime we want, to anyone we want, CivicScience is uniquely built to study emerging trends among early adopters, market mavens, and influencers. This gives us - and our clients - a privileged view into the future.

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