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A key ingredient in customer retention and growth

A binding agent for brands

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Key Features

Leverage our robust knowledge-gathering platform to get fine grain answers and analysis

From snacking, clean eating, grocery shopping, couponing, packaging, brand sentiment, eating practices, health and lifestyle attributes, we ask everything and get plenty of answers.

Identify segments, including brand loyalists, persuadables, detractors, at-risk consumers, and competitor at-risk customers

Get better definition and deep understanding of various consumer segments – as the client wishes to define them (i.e. cereal loyalists; male fans of yogurt; Millennial healthy snackers; clean eaters; vitamin/supplement persuadables, etc.)

Test and trial product concepts with as little as a single a question

As an alternative to expensive prototyping and focus groups, get product concept feedback, deploy segmentation studies, and understand category adoption.

Understand the impact of competitor and news cycle activity on your audience

Gain competitive benchmarking insights and track real-time reaction to PR announcements and news.

Industry Insights

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