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Key Features

Monitor real-time diner/consumer sentiment and compare against historic opinions

Customer sentient changes constantly and can have a high impact on organizations that don’t keep up. Stay current on preferences and get a look ahead to take strategic advantage.

Identify diner segments, including brand loyalists, persuadables, detractors, at-risk consumers, and competitor at-risk customers

Gain deep, meaningful, and “whole consumer” insights on those segments, thanks to rapid and automated analysis capabilities that surface unexpected gems of information.

Understand detailed media consumption behaviors and attitudes

Know which media planning and buying selections will make the biggest impact for desired targets. Plan and test campaign messaging reaction before making large investments. Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing and new campaigns.

Understand the impact of competitor and news cycle activity on your audience

Gain competitive benchmarking insights and track real-time reaction to PR announcements and news.

Industry Insights

Rapid, Deep, Responsive Insights for Restaurants

Take a look at some blog posts, reports, and industry related insights we published using our syndicated data.

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