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The freshest, most reliable consumer intelligence available

All of your competitors use the same, boring, 6-month-stale syndicated data. We help you stand out with real-time intelligence across thousands of ever-changing topics.

Fast, custom tools to validate ideas, strategies and proposals

Deploy quick-turn custom research to evaluate and compare new ideas among targeted groups of real consumers and quickly share it with collaborators and decision-makers.

Powerful dashboards and reports to defend recommendations or adjust course in live campaigns

Our deep understanding of consumer intent helps you identify persuadable consumers, where to reach them, and how to monitor reach and success.

Key Features

Collaborate with clients using configurable, shareable dashboards

Maintaining a shared understanding of account goals and objectives in an increasingly dynamic marketplace can be challenging. Invite teammates and partners to dashboards and collaborate on key questions and observations within the CivicScience platform or use our API to push assets to your own tools.

Leverage trend, market, and segment insights for current and proposed accounts

Understanding current and probable consumer intent is an unfair advantage for creative agencies. Use it to grow market share for customers and to set yourself apart from the field in customer development.

Stay ahead of the 24-hour news cycle with 24/7 access to opinion

With the abundance of information available, processing the information and finding the truly valuable insights is time consuming and often distracting. CivicScience helps sift through and find market impacting correlations that create opportunity and help win marketshare.

What Everyone Is Saying

  • With CivicScience, we get the best of both worlds: the speed and customization of primary research plus the scope of knowing the consumer through secondary research - but without the massive expense.

    VP of Insights for a Media Sales Company

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