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102 Cool Consumer Insights

About this eBook Big data is freaking awesome. When we’re not helping Fortune 500 companies answer their most pressing questions (a bit of a shameless plug, we’ll admit) we like to have some fun. This eBook contains 102 thought-provoking, life-altering consumer insights we discovered and collected via CivicScience’s syndicated online polls and micro-surveys (more details about our methodology are provided at the end of the book).


Cutting-Edge Consumer Tech Insights

No matter where you fall on the tech-savviness spectrum, it’s a part of our everyday lives. We’ve compiled a number of interesting findings from an extensive series of blog posts and reports we published from July to September 2016. Hundreds of thousands of consumers are represented here, as we uncover their tech interests, awareness, device ownership, device market potential, and more.


Beyond Facebook: Profiling Active Users of Next-Tier Social Media

This eBook helps marketers and advertisers better understand key differences (beyond mere demographics) of active users of the most popular social media networks outside of Facebook. We compare daily and weekly users of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tumblr to the U.S. general population across a variety of consumer attributes.


Food, Beverages, and the U.S. Consumer

This CivicScience eBook provides a range of research intelligence about consumer preferences and behaviors in the U.S. toward food and beverage purchasing, using timely data gathered in 2015.



75 Show-Stopping Media Consumption Insights

In CivicScience’s second eBook to publish in fall 2014, we focus on consumers’ preference, behaviors, and profiles related to what, how, when, where, and why they watch and use when it comes to various forms of media. These show-stopping (get it?) insights were extracted from the CivicScience platform from millions of respondent data points.



101 Cool Consumer Insights

This eBook contains an assortment of 101 tasty consumer insights extracted from the CivicScience platform, collected via our syndicated online polls and mined from millions of anonymous opted-in respondents in 2014.

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