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Delivering Real-Time Consumer and Market Intelligence to the Executives Who Need It.

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The CivicScience Platform

Our next-generation survey and automated reporting platform delivers actionable market intelligence to executives, researchers, and investors – with unprecedented speed and ease of use.

Our Solutions


Your always-on, time-shaving, money-saving, difference-making consumer and market intelligence portal.


Identify and evaluate winning products, media, campaigns, or emerging trends.


Discover the unexpected insight that drives winning strategies and investments.

Our Engine


Our proprietary, intelligent polling and analysis engine explores data collected from
our publisher partners and generates fast, deep, and forward-looking intelligence.

Our Publisher Tools

Sidebar Polling Widget

A brandable sidebar element for publisher websites that can be placed on any section of a site.

Slide out Polling Widget

A sidebar element for publisher websites that floats over the content and slides out from the right side of the site.

In Article Widget

A polling element that can be placed inline with editorial content to correlate timely questions to content.

Embeddable Polling Site

A polling interface that can be embedded into the body of our publisher websites.

Trivia Quizzes

Single question quizzes to engage audiences within editorial content.

Here Is How It Works

The CivicScience Intelligent Polling Platform and Methodology

We’ve pioneered a new method of quantitative online primary and secondary research that captures a representative sample of people every second of every day—and changed opinion research forever.

Our Data Sourcing

We source data through hundreds of online and mobile content publisher partnerships. For them, the integration of our polls and quizzes improves on-site engagement time and provides audience detail. We aggregate all of the response data into our centralized platform.

Our Collection Process

Our quizzes and polls are non-intrusively embedded in a website’s experience and serve a short series of diverse questions designed to keep respondents engaged. Respondents can continue to answer a seemingly endless supply of engagement, value, and custom research questions.

Our Respondents

Our data is as trustworthy and organic as possible. Polls are 100% voluntary, and respondents are kept anonymous, even to us. They enjoy voicing their opinions and seeing results presented back to them. Because we collect large response volumes on a national scale, we can deliver representative samples that can be segmented and analyzed in many ways.

Our Analytics

As respondents answer our questions, we store all their answers over time in an (anonymous) profile. We then use advanced technology to analyze the data in aggregate and in near real time, cross-tabulating questions to find meaningful statistical differences for clients to navigate.

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