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At CivicScience, we wake up every day trying to make it fun, easy, and efficient for people to influence the things they care about – like the quality of content in our media, the food sold to our children, the products in our stores, or the votes of our elected leaders. When you answer our polls, we combine your responses with millions of others and deliver them to the business and civic leaders that matter. We protect your privacy and anonymity at every turn, keeping only what you voluntarily share with us.

How Does it Work?

  • All you need to do is answer a question!
    Start with the one on the screen here, and we’ll guide you from there. You can answer as few or as many questions as you want -- here or on any of our hundreds of partner sites.
  • Immediately see the results.
    You will always see the results to the questions you answer.
  • We guarantee your privacy.
    The responses we collect are anonymous and safe, using cookie technology that does not collect or share any personally identifying information about any of our respondents. We don’t spy on your web surfing and we never share your cookie with advertisers or other third-parties. And we never, ever collect responses from children under 13.
  • You are in control.
    You can opt out or access your vote history at any time.
  • Your input has power.
    We combine your anonymous responses with millions of others to find consensus, patterns, and trends. We make money by selling scientific research to business, non-profit, and civic organizations who want to make smarter and more responsible decisions.

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CivicScience Offers Consumer Research Giveaway Contest for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
CivicScience Offers Consumer Research Giveaway Contest for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
Deadline to enter: June 15, 2015